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Install Docker for Kubernetes on CentOS

Container runtimes is required for Kubernetes to work , one of the popular container runtime is docker. This tutorial will guide you how we can install docker for Kubernetes on CentOS.

Install Docker for Kubernetes on CentOS

Step 1: Install required packages for Docker

[~]# yum install yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2 -y

Step 2: Add Docker repository for installation

[~]# yum-config-manager \
  --add-repo \

Step 3: Install Docker CE engine

[~]# yum update && yum install docker-ce-18.06.2.ce -y

Step 4: Create /etc/docker directory for Docker

[~]# mkdir /etc/docker

Step 5: Setup Docker daemon

[~]#  cat > /etc/docker/daemon.json <<EOF
  "exec-opts": ["native.cgroupdriver=systemd"],
  "log-driver": "json-file",
  "log-opts": {
    "max-size": "100m"
  "storage-driver": "overlay2",
  "storage-opts": [

[~]# mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d

Step 6: Start and enable Docker daemon

[~]# systemctl daemon-reload
[~]#  systemctl restart docker


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