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We Value Your Time – OpenSource Community

Benefits of Docker Containers a simpler way

Docker Container has many benefits over physical and virtualized systems, here we are mentioning some points

Portability: let’s suppose in the case of Linux you have your own customized Nginx container. You can run that Nginx container anywhere, no matter it’s a cloud or Data Center on even your own laptop as long as you have a docker engine running Linux OS.

Rollback: you can just run your previous build image and all charges will automatically rollback.

Image Simplicity: Every image has a tree hierarchy and all the child images depend upon its parent image. For example, let’s suppose there is a vulnerability in docker container, you can easily identify and patch that parent image and when you will rebuild child, variability will automatically remove from all child.

Container Registry: You can store all images at a central location, you can apply ACLs, you can do vulnerability scanning and image signing.

Runtime: No matter you want to run thousand of container you can start all within five seconds.

Isolation: We can run a hundred of the process in one Os and all will be isolated to each other.


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